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Relaxed West Coast style for trend shoppers in the Levi's® outlet

Levi's jeans, those cult classics, are available to buy at reduced prices in the Levi's jeans sale in the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Levi Strauss developed the original blue jeans in 1853 at the time of the American gold rush, using denim cotton to create robust work trousers. In addition to the on-trend cult classics, shoes, bags and other Levi's® accessories are available to buy cheaply in the Levi’s® Outlet at the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Robustness, a modern vibe and comfort are given priority in the design of the shoes and accessories, as they are in the jeans products.

Levi’s® Jeans: the most famous denim product of all times

Twenty years after he founded his company, Levi Strauss received the patent for his new method of manufacturing jeans. The corners of the pockets were riveted, reinforcing weak parts of the garments to make them last longer. Today they are the most successful, best known and most frequently imitated denim product of all time and famous for their strength and durability – the company's logo shows two horses trying in vain to pull apart a pair of Levi's®. Indeed, in another testament to their robustness, the entire US army was issued with jeans during WWII. Levi's® 501®s are particularly popular with die-hard fans of the brand: they adapt to every trend without losing their authenticity.

Levi’s®: 150 years of blue jeans

Innovative and versatile, for 150 years the jeans label has been a source of excitement to people of every generation throughout the world (but primarily the young and the young-at-heart) with women's, men's and children's clothing based around the jeans style classic. Levi's® stands as much for timelessly authentic jeans-based looks as for innovative and cutting edge fashion – fitting in with every style from elegant through bold to laid-back.

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Dockers®: Dressed to live

The outlet in Metzingen also carries the Dockers® brand alongside Levi’s®.
Dockers® khakis were presented as a cool alternative to jeans and suit trousers for the first time in 1986. Today, the on-trend range extends from trousers through many different tops to great accessories. Hip, young and authentic. Thanks to their versatility, the Dockers® outfits are perfectly tailored for practically every occasion – for business and for leisure.