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Calvin Klein Jeans – jeans with appeal

The Calvin Klein jeans success story began in the 1970s. The US designer was the first to give his name to a pair of jeans and invented a new look – modern, sexy and simultaneously pioneering. A complete lifestyle concept and unique advertising imagery created its own brand identity, stamping awareness of the brand name into worldwide consciousness and ensuring its global recognition. Calvin Klein Jeans is the denim-based line from the Calvin Klein fashion label and is aimed at a youthful clientele.

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Celeb favourites in the Calvin Klein outlet in Metzingen

The Calvin Klein sale carries an impressive range of clothing for women and men, bags and of course jeans in countless variations and sizes. The elegant business range, CK Calvin Klein, is similarly available in the Calvin Klein shop. Blazers, suits and costumes, chic blouses, briefcases and very high-quality belts deliver perfect office style. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Charlize Theron are frequently snapped at events and for magazine covers wearing this trendy business fashion line. Lady Gaga wears the latest Calvin Klein collection in her "Marry the night prelude" music video.

The secret of Calvin Klein's success

What is the secret of the success of the Calvin Klein cult brand? Create minimalist, chic fashion and combine it with provocative, erotic advertising campaigns. The result was an exciting mix never before seen in the fashion world and which mesmerises trendsetters all over the world. For example, huge advertising billboards showed a young Brooke Shields posing semi-naked in skin-tight Calvin Klein jeans. Despite television boycotts, they were a total bestseller within two weeks. Calvin Richard Klein achieved his greatest success in 1982 with the rapper Marky Mark, whose presentation of the US designer's underwear collection was extremely sexy and masculine.