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The Bottega Veneta Outlet in Metzingen

The Bottega Veneta Outlet in OUTLETCITY METZINGEN boasts luxury and craftsmanship at reduced prices. The label, founded in 1966 in Venice, is characterised by unique, traditional Italian craftsmanship that is loved by people all over the world. Since the foundation of the label, this craftsmanship has become the trademark of Bottega Veneta – not only representing individuality, but also top quality. The product portfolio of the label not only encompasses modern designs, a confident style and timelessness, but also an extremely high product quality standard. The finest leather is processed into modern and classic must-have pieces: Whether sophisticated weaving work or minimalistic design, every product is an individual and charismatic masterpiece for the manual workers of Bottega Veneta. In order to uphold this standard for decades, Bottega Veneta abides by the philosophy of close cooperation of distinguished designers and studios in which leather craftsmanship is still intensively cultivated and exists today. This craftsmanship forms part of the Bottega Veneta Outlet.

Tradition and fashion united under one roof

Bottega Veneta shoes, bags and other accessories are the fruit of the craftsmanship of Italian craftsmen with solid expertise which makes Bottega Veneta so special and unique day in day out. The fact that Creative Director Thomas Maier, who has been at Bottega Veneta since 2001, refers to the craft as the company's "most valuable asset" demonstrates how deep the philosophy of craftsmanship is rooted in the company. By drawing on cultural tradition, experience, love for individuality and perfectionism, the company creates fashion that it has an authentic and sincere feel. The fashion for men and women includes off-the-peg clothes, bags, jewellery, perfume, sunglasses, accessories and more. The world-famous quotation "when your initials are enough" characterises the company and its great urge to improve designs on a daily basis. In an 18th Century villa, the products of Bottega Veneta are manufactured with the highest level of perfection: In the process, the measurement of every stitch, the material of every individual product, every texture and every surface structure is defined individually and carefully. You can find this unique art at the Bottega Veneta Outlet at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN.

Craftsmanship at the Bottega Veneta Outlet at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN

The leather goods and lifestyle products of Bottega Veneta are available in abundance at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Bottega Veneta bags, such as Bottega Veneta Shopper, reflect this craftsmanship in their unique beauty and attention to detail. The products are the perfect trendy accompaniment for festive, business or leisure events. Pieces at attractive prices can also be found at the Bottega Veneta sale. Bottega Veneta perfumes are distinguished by their characteristic delicate notes that combine charm, tradition and class in one fragrance. In its designs, Bottega Veneta builds on high fashion which is fused with Italian tradition. Whether jeans, evening wear or other items, you can find the perfect complement for any combination at the Bottega Veneta Outlet. Even gift ideas, such as Bottega Veneta purses, will get your pulse racing. Bottega Veneta menswear as well as the Bottega Veneta sneaker give the wearer a unique edge and a slice of Italian tradition.
We hope you enjoy your unique shopping experience at the Bottega Veneta Outlet in Metzingen!

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