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Join us on a virtual tour of our luxurious Schwenkel Areal
Schwenkel Areal tells its own story through its architecture: This spot embodies the centre of the textile industry it served as in Metzingen for generations.

The individual cuboidal buildings symbolize a collection of fabrics - the fashionable hallmark of Outletcity Metzingen. Traditional patterns like herringbone and pinstripe tie the whole space together by giving the location a common theme.

Today: luxury Designer fashion

Exclusive brands like Prada, Tod´s, Jimmy Choo, Longchamp and many more have opened their doors here. Stroll along the stylish stone paths flanked by fields of gravel cleverly hidden through the softly-rustling bamboo forest. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the selection of luxury and premium products for women, men and children and afterwards enjoy a cool glass of champagne at our Veuve Cliquot Champagne Bar. In addition, you can immortalize your visit with us at our Outletcity Fotopoint.

Impressions of Schwenkel Areal today

New brands in Metzingen

Balenciaga: The somehow different luxury label

We welcome a new and absolute highlight at Outletcity with this French label. The brand boasts revolutionary designs, unconventional creations and avant-garde breaks with style. For fashionistas, this brand is an absolute must-have: The iconic designs make a statement and show as much talent as unbound passion. Here you can find trendy street styles for men and women, bags, shoes and accessories. Look forward to the new store and dive into the somewhat different world of luxury fashion!

New Longchamp Store

Discover innovative bags for men and women in the Longchamp outlet store. The traditional company shows its penchant for craftsmanship and innovation in their exclusive accessories. The intersection of high-quality materials and plain elegance is the secret to success which has made the pieces from Longchamp must-have items worldwide – such as the iconic, foldable and reliable Le Pliage. Fine business bags, tasteful backpacks, high-quality wallets and stylish travel bags are all available at the new Longchamp outlet store.

New Polo Ralph Lauren Store

The authentic premium brand Polo Ralph Lauren offers a unique vision of stylish as well as timeless designer fashion. Discover a wide range of clothing for women, men and children from sportswear to custom clothing for special events.

Brands from this location also in the Online Shop

Back then: the booming glovemaking industry


Did you know that in the 1920s, young job seekers came to Metzingen from the neighboring towns and villages to learn the art of glovemaking? They brought what they learned about leatherworking back to their hometowns. This was how so many glove factories were built in Neuhausen. The Schwenkel brothers learned their trade in the respected glove factory belonging to A. Gänsslen jr. and opened their own leather factory on Reutlinger Straße. For seventy years at Schwenkel Areal, sewing machines rattled away at the location that is now named after the brothers. The building was demolished when the company closed its doors. Today, the location has a gotten a new polish that would be at home even in the Golden Twenties!

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