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If you are looking for casual, youthful and trendy fashion, you are garanteed to find it at the Esprit Outlet Store. Besides premium fashion, Esprit also offers high-quality accessories and shoes in contemporary style.

Besides premium fashion, Esprit also offers high-quality accessories and shoes in contemporary style.

About the brand

Esprit Outlet - a global lifestyle player

Smart, affordable luxury always poised to surprise with something new. That's what awaits customers in the Esprit outlet. Esprit fashion is an international brand for the younger market that chimes with modern tastes and today's style. At the Esprit warehouse sale in the Outletcity Metzingen, fashion-conscious men, women and children will find the Esprit Casual, Esprit Collection and ESPRIT URBAN CASUAL collections. The line for the younger generation, edc by Esprit, delivers the latest fashions, always on-trend and price-oriented. Accessories, shoes and bodywear are also available in the Esprit sale.

Fashion with Esprit

An individual look is Esprit's priority: laid-back, spontaneous and living for the moment! Current trends are identified and realised creatively. The fashion behind this label is youthful, urban and extremely comfortable, but high-quality materials at a fair price are also what makes this brand so popular. The Esprit lifestyle is the epitome of modern, self-confident and sporty.

Esprit: original fashion from the boot of a car

The history of the company associated with this lifestyle brand began in 1968, when Susie and Douglas Tompkins drove through California and sold clothes they had made themselves from the back of their camper van. Bursting with a positive attitude to life, the collections emphasised a young, fresh personality with their contemporary style and varied looks. In 1979, a year after Esprit set up branches in Hong Kong and Germany, John Casado designed the famous logo with the E reduced to three horizontal bars, which today is one of the best known in the international fashion world. In 1987, Susie and Doug Tompkins made the public aware of the growing threat from AIDS and Esprit expanded into the Netherlands, Taiwan Belgium and Denmark. Just two years later, the company was already holding sway in the UK, France and Norway. In 1995, products such as watches, eyewear, socks and homewear were included in the range.

The American fashion company was now represented in 44 countries and stood at number 28 on the list of best known brands in the US. The new millennium saw sport, baby clothes and toy collections added to the range. Esprit designs more than 20,000 products for women, men and children every year, some which can be found in the Esprit Outlet in the Outletcity Metzingen.

Esprit Outlet Store**

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Mühlstraße 3
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 947460

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** Esprit Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사: Esprit Retail B.V. & Co. KG | Esprit-Allee | D-40882 Ratingen


on Monday, 15/08/2022 from 9 am - 9 pm