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Visit also the new Tom Tailor Kids Store at Lindenplatz 1.

The TOM TAILOR brand stands for a positive and carefree attitude towards life. The lifestyle company offers high-quality, fashionable casual wear and accessories for women, men as well as children and teenagers. Visit the TOM TAILOR premium outlet in the outlet city Metzingen near Stuttgart.

Visit the TOM TAILOR premium outlet in the outlet city Metzingen near Stuttgart.

About the brand

TOM TAILOR – Modern casual look

TOM TAILOR is an international, vertically integrated lifestyle company which offers high-quality fashionable casual wear and accessories in the medium-price bracket for men, women, young people and children. Since the company was founded in 1962, it has emphasised a positive and untroubled attitude to life with authentic fashion. The TOM TAILOR Group develops 12 collections every year for each of its product lines MEN, WOMEN, KIDS, MINIS, BABY, Denim Male and Denim Female. With the largest collection, Authentic Urban Wear stands for a confident, modern style. This style is defined by looks that are casual, sporty, natural and authentic – close to the heart of the TOM TAILOR brand. Contemporary Urban Style means high fashion with a clear, unambiguous message. The looks are self-confident, trendy, elegant, and stylish with a contemporary modern feel and less color, but made from exceptional quality, select fabrics.

Natural trends, seasonal colours and hip highlights reflect the distinctive core statement of the collections. They are accompanied by licensed accessories such as leather goods to complete the TOM TAILOR lifestyle landscape.

The TOM TAILOR style

TOM TAILOR fashion simply looks good and offers laid-back clothing for a natural life. Always today's look, but never overdressed. For people all over the world who live fashionably without chasing every trend. For people who feel comfortable because they have found their style.

Relaxed fashion trends in the TOM TAILOR outlet

The 400m2 TOM TAILOR outlet presents laid-back fashion at a 70%* discount. The product range stands for perceptible quality with above-average performance. There is a wide range of innovative accessories to go with the WOMEN, MEN, KIDS, MINIS, Denim Male and Denim Female lifestyle collections, such as shoes, bags, leather goods and jewellery. The children's department in the TOM TAILOR outlet is unusually large and offers many different kinds of products for small children and young people. Natural, lively, and relaxed – the essential characteristics of the lifestyle brand.

Tom Tailor Outlet Store**

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Wilhelmstraße 54
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 9531890

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* Percentage taken from the Manufacturer's recommended retail price, if available.
** Tom Tailor Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사 : Tom Tailor Retail GmbH | Postfach 1109 | D-46492 Hamminkeln


on Monday, 15/08/2022 from 9 am - 9 pm