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슈투트가르트 근처에 위치한 OUTLETCITY METZINGEN의 MCM 아웃렛에서 다양한 상품을 만나보고 넓은 선택의 폭과 매력적인 가격을 직접 경험해 보십시오. 품목 예시 지갑, 핸드백, 쇼퍼, 벨트. MCM 브랜드 클래식 컬렉션의 고급스러운 스타일로 세련된 액세서리 레퍼토리를 완성해 보십시오.

MCM 브랜드 클래식 컬렉션의 고급스러운 스타일로 세련된 액세서리 레퍼토리를 완성해 보십시오.

About the brand

Luxurious accessories in stylish elegance in the MCM outlet

MCM was founded in Munich in 1976 and represents German culture and zeitgeist, with a focus on innovative functionality and the latest techniques. Through its connection with music, art, travel and technology, MCM today embodies boldness, rebellion and ambition. Always focused on modernity and with progressive thinking in mind, MCM revolutionizes classic design with futuristic materials. For the emerging generation of digital natives of the 21st century, MCM enables a modern lifestyle that is both androgynous and timeless and defies rules and limits.

Noble and timeless craftsmanship

From the beginning, the design of the versatile accessories has stood for the finest choice of materials, artistic craftsmanship and luxurious implementation. A new way of traveling is created with the label's innovative yet timeless creations. They embody stylish luxury with a noble appearance.

Discover the diversity of the MCM outlet at Outletcity Metzingen near Stuttgart and let you convince from the large selection and attractive prices such as:

  • wallets
  • handbags
  • shoppers
  • belts

Complement your repertoire of fine accessories with an exclusive style from the classic collections of the MCM brand. Whether an elegant clutch for the next evening with your girlfriends, a high-quality weekender for a short trip with your partner or a hip belt bag that completes your look in a stylish way – the MCM outlet offers fantastic favourite items at reduced prices. But not only women find numerous favourites, men can shop to their heart's content and choose cool backpacks or fine shoes. Get inspiration for new looks and shop at Outletcity Metzingen.

A diverse range of exclusive must-haves

Visit our MCM outlet in Metzingen and discover many great offers. Noble shoulder bags in delicate colours and dreamlike accessories such as sunglasses, belts and hats are waiting for you. Dare to gaudy colourful collections or round off your outfits with a classic cognac-coloured MCM bag.

MCM Outlet Store**

영업 시간

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Reutlinger Straße 63
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 173 3 078 386

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*Percentage taken from the Manufacturer's recommended retail price, if available.
** MCM Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사: MCM Lederwaren & Accessories GmbH | Brienner Str. 1 | D-80333 München