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New opening! You will find our new Coccinelle Outlet Store at Hugo Boss Platz 8 soon.

The Coccinelle brand reinterprets the characteristic features of Italian leather goods and bags. Elegance and diversity characterize the designs. At the Coccinelle Outlet Store you will find a large selection of premium bags and accessories.

At the Coccinelle Outlet Store you will find a large selection of premium bags and accessories.

About the brand

Stylish, Italian elegance at the Coccinelle Outlet

The luxury brand Coccinelle is known to women across the globe as the leading label in the production of high-end handbags, gorgeous purses and stylish shoppers. The accessories are made in the company’s headquarters in Italy and have always been made using authentic and exquisite materials. Metal elements such as the zippers or chains are masterfully arranged, so that every individual model in the Coccinelle collection is a refined must-have. Italian leather, a feel for dreamy combinations and the passion for craftsmanship are what make the designs by Coccinelle so special. Buy breathtaking accessories at a reduced price and discover the diverse selection in the Coccinelle Sale at Outletcity Metzingen:


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Find the perfect women’s bag in the Coccinelle Sale

On the sunny plains of Parma, Italy in 1978, the Italian label was founded with the intention of creating well thought-out everyday accessories for women. Exclusive leather goods are interpreted in contemporary fashion and current trends. Coccinelle buyers therefore beam with happiness, have a modern taste and most importantly understance the meaning of quality and craftsmanship. Coccinelle aims to highlight the personal style of every woman and to celebrate her. Allow yourself to be spoiled by the exquisite models at the Coccinelle outlet and choose a long-living, exclusive companion by the Italian luxury label. At Outletcity Metzingen close to Stuttgart, you can find quality women’s handbags and stylish wallets in the Coccinelle women’s sale. Here you can find a large selection of dreamy bags at prices up to 70%* off. Versaltile designs, clean and modest or also exciting colour combinations await you. Shop in-store or discover our Coccinelle Online Shop for women. Discover your love for these exquisite accessories and let yourself be swept away by the Italian flair!

Coccinelle Outlet Store**

الخط الساخن

Hugo Boss Platz 8
D-72555 Metzingen

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** Coccinelle Outlet Store Metzingen - الشركة المُشَغلة: Coccinelle Einzelhandels GmbH | Hugo Boss Platz 8 | D-72555 Metzingen