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We have moved! We'll gladly welcome you in our new store at Kanalstraße 4.

The success story of the leading international manufacturer of luggage, Samsonite, began in Denver, Colorado in 1910 and has expanded to over 120 countries today. Visit Outletcity Metzingen and purchase a variety of luggage sets, functional notebook bags, versatile purses and much more.

Visit Outletcity Metzingen and purchase a variety of luggage sets, functional notebook bags, versatile purses and much more.

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Samsonite – strong and lightweight

Samsonite is the world's leading manufacturer of luggage. For over a century, the brand's suitcases and luggage have accompanied holidaymakers and business travellers all around the world. The company sets standards for quality, innovation, durability, and lightweight construction, and has a permanent influence on development in the luggage industry. Samsonite ascribes its success to the continuous development of product innovations for travellers who expect high levels of convenience, quality and reliability. Every Samsonite product rises to the challenge of international travel. The brand offers high-quality products and outstanding service, which are the reasons why it has reached and now maintains its trendsetting position in the luggage market. Samsonite is also synonymous with the unique combination of low weight on the one hand and strength on the other. The products bring panache and style to every journey.

Buy luggage and suitcases at low prices in the Samsonite outlet now!

There are many suitcases, functional Notebook bags, flexible laptop cases, exclusively designed briefcases, versatile purses and wallets, robust rucksacks and novel children's trolleys from the Samsonite range available at low prices in the Outletcity Metzingen. Over 70 lines can be bought in the store and they include hard shell cases from the best-selling Chronolite, Cosmolite and Neopulse DLX ranges plus Pro-DLX, B-Lite 3 und Galantis from the soft bag and case collections.

The journey of a brand

This success story began in 1910 in Denver, Colorado, when the entrepreneur Jesse Shwayder developed a robust wooden chest for the harsh and difficult journeys undertaken by the gold prospectors and those returning home. In 1974, Samsonite launched its first suitcase on wheels. Since 2008, the lightest and strongest Samsonite suitcases of all time have been on the market: the "Cosmolite", which has won several awards and the stylish "Cubelite".


The widely varied range includes more than 100 product lines, is sold in 55 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and in 120 countries throughout the world; it includes hard shell and soft luggage, bags for business and leisure and many useful travel accessories.

Samsonite Outlet Store**

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Kanalstraße 4
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 3 810 882

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** Samsonite Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사 : Samsonite GmbH | Subbelrather Straße 15b | D-50823 Köln


on Monday, 15/08/2022 from 9 am - 9 pm