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Inspired by American and Japanese street style, the British brand Superdry presents authentic fashion at affordable prices. Superdry was born in 2003 during a trip to Tokyo. The goal was to make fashion for every style and taste.

Superdry was born in 2003 during a trip to Tokyo. The goal was to make fashion for every style and taste.

About the brand

Superdry Outlet at the Outletcity Metzingen

At the Superdry Outlet of the Outletcity Metzingen the British brand presents authentic fashion, which is inspired from American and Japanese street style. The significant style of Superdry is attributable to the different interests and preferences of the company founders James Holder and Julian Dunkerton: Japanese imagery, formfitting silhouettes and vintage elements from the American culture. In a short period of time, Superdry has reached a cult status and became of the fastest growing fashion brands on the international market. In addition to this the opening of an own Superdry Shop ever since is a significant part of the growth strategy. Now and back then, the core of the company philosophy is to offer something for every style and every sense of taste. Classics of tomorrow, pieces with unique details, original fabrics, Vintage washing, perfect fittings – and an attractive price performance ratio is also waiting for you at the Superdry Outlet in Metzingen.

The history of Superdry: from the first t-shirt to the own collection

The date of founding of Superdry was in the year 2003 during a trip to Tokyo. Since then the brand has experienced a huge growth: At the first day an assortment of five flashy printed t-shirts went in production. Today the collection includes up to 2.500 pieces every season, and a range of stores all over the world. Superdry developed to a widespread lifestyle brand.
From day one, every collection was carefully evolved so the brand was therefore able to create its own market niche. In the first years menswear like the Superdry Hoodie or the popular Superdry jacket have been the driver of the growth of the brand. But since 2007 Superdry also acts an important part when it comes to women’s fashion. Starting point was the product line “Vintage thrift” with it’s on the one hand magically dresses and on the other hand androgynous touch, which is influenced from the men’s collection.
Gradually also the array of products upon iconic lifestyle-articles has been enlarged.
The success of the watch and beauty goods, glasses, sunglasses and perfumes is enormous and cannot be imagined without them in the brand environment of Superdry.

Superdry Outlet Store**

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Ulmer Straße 11-13
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 9346054

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** Superdry Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사 : Superdry Germany GmbH | Lodenfrey-Park | D-80805 München