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Jack and Jones is known for its high-quality yet affordable collections and offers casual and cool casual fashion for self-confident men. In the Jack and Jones Outlet Store in Metzingen you can also expect shoes, bags, belts and much more.

In the Jack and Jones Outlet Store in Metzingen you can also expect shoes, bags, belts and much more.

About the brand

A brand with the trend factor: Jack & Jones

JACK & JONES has strong international appeal and a global fan-base of men with a passion for denim. Urban, casual styles, classic men's fashion, “off-duty vintage” and functional clothing for leisure pursuits and sport represent the four different JACK & JONES lifestyles. Exceptional quality and simple, easy to wear pieces ensure that JACK & JONES remains a leading fashion brand for men: from the latest jeans, enduring classics, active lifestyle trends to high-quality products such as soft T-shirts, checked shirts and knitwear – JACK & JONES addresses every trend and can offer what the stylish consumer wants. With four jeans collections – Jeans Intelligence, Premium, Premium Vintage and Premium Tech – the Jack and Jones outlet offers perfectly fitting leisure, business and sports apparel reflecting current trends and in relaxed cool designs in innovatively treated fabrics which meet the expectations of trend-aware men. The Jeans Intelligence collection is the core brand directed at jeans fans in the 18-25 age bracket and is rounded off with the latest T-shirts, shirts and knitwear in bold prints and patterns and carefully chosen colours and shapes. The Premium Vintage and Premium collections are aimed at 25-40 year olds, whereas Vintage delivers the original alternative used look, Premium tends towards more classic and relaxed designs for innovative and confident customers. Premium Tech represents the sporty Jack & Jones line; its versatile functionality makes it popular with more mature fans of the outdoors.

The history of the successful Jack and Jones brand

Jack and Jones was founded in 1989 in Denmark and is part of one of the leading manufacturers of men's clothing in Europe. Part of the family-run Bestseller Group which was set up in 1975 in Denmark, Jack & Jones initially concentrated mainly on making jeans. However, this successful men's brand now also includes outerwear and underwear, jackets and accessories.


The Jack & Jones outlet in Metzingen offers a host of high-quality collections for confident men who like a relaxed and cool leisure look.
As well as clothes, the trend-conscious man will find shoes, bags, sunglasses and many other accessories in the Jack & Jones shop in the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN.
Customers who like a high-quality, functional and individual look should not miss the opportunity to call in at the Jack and Jones sale.

Jack & Jones Outlet Store**

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Ulmer Straße 15
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 9102247

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