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We gladly welcome you in our new store at Reutlinger Straße 49-53.

At the Lacoste Outlet in Outletcity Metzingen you will find fashion in clean casual chic and accessories for men, women and children. Store the products with the unmistakable crocodile logo in the store in Metzingen or in our Online Shop.

Store the products with the unmistakable crocodile logo in the store in Metzingen or in our Online Shop.

About the brand

French luxury fashion in the LACOSTE outlet

What do you need for hip, instantly recognisable styling? Got it in one: that undeniably most famous piece of clothing from the Lacoste fashion label: the polo shirt, which – it goes without saying – is available to buy in the LACOSTE shop in the Outletcity Metzingen. And what else? What about a button-down shirt, a club blazer, chino trousers and sneakers for the perfect preppy look? Styling for people with aspirations and style need not be expensive, as the premium traditional brand LACOSTE is available here at affordable prices. In addition to the sports collections for women, men and children, the crocodile label includes an accessories line which is also available in the LACOSTE sale. Extremely comfortable to wear, in first-class fabrics and meeting exacting quality requirements, LACOSTE clothing stands apart.

LACOSTE - Naturally elegant and sportily casual

LACOSTE has a captivating look which combines crisp leisure chic and discreet sportiness. Comfortable, traditional and easy, timeless and elegant – style icon Jackie Kennedy recognised these qualities quite some time ago. The brand with the crocodile still enjoys popularity amongst celebrities today, which is not surprising. Exciting colours and flowing, comfortable fabrics of the highest quality result in relaxed everyday styles with which one is always fully on-trend.

This is what you call cult: the polo shirt from LACOSTE

Originally, the famous polo shirt was created as a tennis shirt with special ribbed fabric to make it lighter than the normal white shirts worn up to then. Like tennis shirts, the first polo shirt was white.
The French brand has its logo courtesy of René Lacoste, whose nickname was "the Crocodile". A friend named Robert Georges drew a crocodile for him and embroidered it on a blazer which René wore during his triumphs.
LACOSTE was the first fashion company to place its logo on the front of its clothes, where it was clearly visible. Unlike that of other manufacturers, the logo is not embroidered but sewn on.

Lacoste: From tennis star to the founder of a trendsetting label

Founded in 1933 by the French tennis legend René Lacoste as a manufacturer of sportswear, the clothing firm LACOSTE is today an internationally renowned cult label for lifestyle and fashion. It is still run by the LACOSTE family, or René Lacoste's son, to be more precise. The company is now represented throughout the world in 110 countries. It is still headquartered in Paris. It uses its profits to support global environmental protection and – what else – the protection of crocodiles in their natural habitat.

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