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Kennel & Schmenger designs shoes with distinctive designs made of high quality materials. The assortment ranges from sneakers to boots, ankle boots, sandals and much more. Store at our Kennel & Schmenger Outlet Store in Metzingen or visit our Online Shop.

Store at our Kennel & Schmenger Outlet Store in Metzingen or visit our Online Shop.

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Kennel & Schmenger Outlet - Frau
Kennel & Schmenger Outlet - Schuhe
Kennel & Schmenger Outlet - Schuhe 2
Kennel & Schmenger Outlet - Schuhe 3

Exclusive handcraft in the KENNEL & SCHMENGER outlet

The long-established company KENNEL & SCHMENGER from the Palatine city of Pirmasens looks back on a successful history in shoemaking of more than 100 years. All over the world, the modern premium label stands for tradition the world over, yet remains in touch with the latest trends. Shoes by KENNEL & SCHMENGER feature a distinctive design and high-quality materials.

Multi-faceted styles and sophisticated demands

The label perfectly conveys the combination of high-quality, timeless elements and fancy, sophisticated eyecatchers. At the same time, the brand guarantees the highest quality and impresses with passion for fashion and design. But that’s not all: products by KENNEL & SCHMENGER look great without failing to offer that certain comfort. Wearers who decide for the brand’s new innovations such as the “XL extra light” soles will be surprised by a particularly comfortable experience. Visit the KENNEL & SCHMENGER outlet store and discover the great selection!

Every season, the exclusive shoe manufacture creates approx. 250 shoe models to offer its customers a diverse range of elegant styles. Whether sandals with sparkling gemstones, sneakers with fine studs or simple ankle boots – every single creation is a jewellery full of passion that wears the unmistakable signature of KENNEL & SCHMENGER.

Large variety in the KENNEL & SCHMENGER sale

The broad assortment in the KENNEL & SCHMENGER outlet offers a wide selection at low prices. Discover the creative diversity in our store:

  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Sandals
  • and much more...

Whether business style, leisure look, romantic dinner or cool party outfit: the range of shoes in the KENNEL & SCHMENGER outlet store offers plenty of exquisite favourite pieces you’ll never want to be without again! Maximum comfort and exclusively high-quality materials complement the label’s products. The finest lamb, calf and goat leather caress and adapt comfortably to everyone’s foot.

or enjoy the whole range of choices at low prices in our online shop! Discover high-quality premium products and discounted remaining stocks, but also elegant individual items. Shop for designer shoes made in Germany in the KENNEL & SCHMENGER sale!

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Kennel & Schmenger Outlet Store**

مواعيد العمل

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Reutlinger Straße 63
D-72555 Metzingen

 +49 (0) 7123 9 696 525

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