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As one of Germany's strongest luxury brands, Joop! is aimed particularly at women and men with a high affinity for fashion and urban lifestyle. In addition to high-quality brand fashion, the range also includes accessories, shoes and bags with the unmistakable signature of the brand.

In addition to high-quality brand fashion, the range also includes accessories, shoes and bags with the unmistakable signature of the brand.

About the brand

JOOP! fashion for women and men with style and personality

The JOOP! outlet in the Outletcity Metzingen is aimed at confident, individual women and men with an affinity for fashion, design and urban lifestyle. All the products stand for high quality, sophisticated design and a very good price-performance ratio. They offer glamour and sex appeal and are eminently wearable. Versatile, easily combinable items bring out the best in the wearer's personality. Characteristic of JOOP! style is the skilful combination of modernity and authenticity. Always with the distinctive JOOP! signature.
In addition to JOOP! fashion and fragrances, the company also creates accessories such as watches and jewellery, shoes, bags, spectacles and also interior design products, all available in the JOOP! sale in the Outletcity Metzingen.

JOOP! style

Thanks to its unusual brand identity, JOOP! has developed into one of the strongest German brands and is a leading designer label in the premium segment. With strikingly detailed workmanship, the products are flawlessly sensuous and sexy, and characterised by crisply tailored lines and the interaction of intense colour and subtle nuances.
The Collection line captures the imagination with modern, perfectly designed classics and elegantly restrained extravagance. In contrast, the casual range is striking in its authentic urban looks, which are simultaneously individual, consciously relaxed and at the same time sophisticated. Both lines reflect a modern attitude to life and a typical stylish charm which suits every occasion and never looks artificial.

JOOP! The brand with star designers

The lifestyle brand was founded in 1978 by Wolfgang Joop and is characterised by an exciting mix of tradition, extravagance and modernity. This fashion company with German roots is always up-to-date and reflects the glittering world of the international fashion scene. The first prêt-à-porter collection was presented in 1982; the company has been designing menswear since 1985. The first, extremely successful fragrance creations followed a couple of years after that. Since Wolfgang Joop's departure in 2001, the lifestyle company has attracted strong designers such as Dirk Schönberger to continue to develop the JOOP! style.

Joop Outlet Store**

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Reutlinger Straße 46-54
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 9684711

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