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The Swiss brand Bally is the longest existing luxury brand in the world and is known for its excellent quality. All products are "Made in Switzerland". At the Bally Outlet Store you can find high quality leather goods, clothing, shoes an much more of the brand.

At the Bally Outlet Store you can find high quality leather goods, clothing, shoes an much more of the brand.

About the brand

BALLY: Quality made in Switzerland

The fashion label BALLY is famous for its excellent quality and outstanding "Made in Switzerland" workmanship. The style is classical and very elegant. The material is the most striking feature of the products, whereas the brand name is positioned very discreetly. BALLY shoes and fashion are very playful and charm with unusual, lovingly worked details. BALLY's design successfully synthesises the traditional and the modern.

Stylish and high-quality leatherware in the BALLY shoes outlet

The BALLY shoes sale in the Outletcity Metzingen attracts customers from all over the world with its exclusive range: high-quality shoes, bags, clothing and accessories such as belts and purses are all part of the portfolio at the BALLY outlet. The high level of demand is not surprising. A visit to the brand whose shoes accompanied the first man on the moon, which is regularly featured on the covers of international magazines and for which world-famous stars and starlets demonstrate their enthusiasm, is a total must. For example, Robert Pattinson has walked up the red carpet in BALLY shoes and the rapper Jay-Z rhapsodises the soft leather of the premium footwear in one of his songs.

BALLY: The oldest luxury brand in the world

BALLY has been in existence longer than any other luxury brand in the world, yet continues to grow year on year. BALLY was founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally in Schönenwerd in Switzerland. After giving his wife a pair of beautifully decorated slippers he had bought on a visit to Paris, C. G. Bally applied the experience which he had acquired as the manager of his father's rubber band and silk factory to develop new processes for producing shoes. He rapidly gained a good reputation as the maker of elegant, hand-made shoes and as early as 1916 had sold a record 3.9 million pairs. Since 1950, BALLY has also sold handbags, other leather accessories and off-the-peg clothes.

Bally Outlet Store**

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Reutlinger Straße 63
D-72555 Metzingen

+49 (0) 7123 20800

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** Bally Outlet Store Metzingen - 운영사: Bally Deutschland GmbH | Maximilianstraße 11-15 | D-80539 München


on Monday, 15/08/2022 from 9 am - 9 pm