Wiesenkönig: From head to toe a royal pleasure.

At the Wiesenkönig Outlet in the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN you will find a unique choice of innovative and modern traditional fashion. The assortment includes elegant hats, classy traditional shirts, casual leather pants, unique dirndls and also traditional shoes. To say it short, Wiesenkönig has it all to accouter you from head to toe. And of course you will get it all for an outlet price. 


The celebration of all celebrations as the begin of an idea

The most famous public festival of the world is offering in many ways an omnipresent tradition. Since 1850, the Bavaria is watching over the Theresienwiese, the advent of the Wiesen landlords is ringing in the Oktoberfest since 1887 and the Schichtl is entertaining his audience since 1869 in a very funny way.

The fact that there was no official traditional attire for legs for the Wiesn until 2006, has been detected, as an annoying gap in the history of the Oktoberfest, by Michel Plangger, who is the founder of the Wiesnkönig. A basis for the story of success of the Wiesnkönig was built with the appearance of the very first licensed Oktoberfest leather pants in the year 2007.

From leather pants to a life style brand 

By moving away from the outdated and outmoded image, the Wiesnkönig is reviving the topic of traditional fashion in a whole new way. The motto “ Attire meets Lifestyle” is since year one a crucial topic. Because of this, Wiesnkönig has opened the doors for the entry of the traditional fashion into everyday life. In so doing, the Allgäuer fashion label meanwhile represents a sense of life and is for this reason way more than just another manufacturer of traditional fashion.