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About the store


Unique and innovative outletcity pop-up store

For the next 3 months, our new and unique concept store will offer a curated selection of styles from exclusive brands for women and men such as Drykorn, Kennel & Schmenger, Royal Republiq, Stutterheim, Samsøe Samsøe, Wood Wood and Atelier Oblique.

Kennel & Schmenger: Women´s shoes with an unmistakable look

Kennel & Schmenger offers the perfect shoe to round off every outfit. Shoes are more than just an accessory, they often accompany you for years. High-quality, timeless basics that can be combined with almost any outfit are essential for every fashion-conscious woman.

Royal Republiq: Products made from natural and durable materials

The leather brand puts great efforts into using natural and durable materials combined with a deep respect for solid craftsmanship - this is the basis for their products. Quality and longevity come first in order to create functional and trustworthy products for women and men.

Sutterheim: Raincoats interpeted in a modern way

Everything began when Stutterheim's founder Alexander Stutterheim discovered one of his grandfather´s old raincoats on the small island of Arholma near Stockholm, shortly after his grandpa´s death. This heavy, hard-wearing and timeless sailor-style raincoat served as inspiration for the first Stutterheim raincoat, the "Arholma", and it is still used today for modern creations.

Drykorn: Products for self-confident individualists

The brand has developed into an international fashion label that is characterized above all by select fabrics, highest quality workmanship and a consistently fashionable statement. Metropolitan, reachable and progressive are the characteristics that mainly define the label. DRYKORN appeals to individualists who are confident and independent.

Samsøe Samsøe: Portable aesthetics with a scandinavian spirit

The brand's collections go beyond trends and has its origin in Denmark's renowned design tradition to create minimalist, affordable and accessible fashion with a clear Nordic look. Discover not only looks for everyday life, but also for special occasions - from work clothes to the sophisticated casual look, this brand is the right choice.

Le Specs: Iconic and innovative sunglasses

Since 1979, Le Specs has been known worldwide for its iconic and innovative sunglasses collections at an affordable price. With its reputation as the ultimate summer accessory, Le Specs has developed an international cult following and has become a true trendsetter in the global fashion market.

Atelier Oblique: Traditional fragrances

Atelier Oblique is a fragrance house established in Berlin in 2015 and wholeheartedly dedicated to traditional scents. Developed in the centre of the perfumer’s art – Grasse, in the south of France – and composed only using the finest traditional ingredients, Atl Oblique’s scented candles are classics of our time.

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