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Discover the brand at the Prada Store

As a playful-luxurious second brand of Prada, the fashion collections designed by Miu Miu are addressed to young and trend-conscious women. Miu Miu acts as an autonomous label and differentiates itself from Prada due to its lower-priced fashion.

Miu Miu acts as an autonomous label and differentiates itself from Prada due to its lower-priced fashion.

About the brand

Miu Miu bags, fashion and accessories at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN

Miu Miu, Prada’s playful-luxurious diffusion line, designs clothing, accessories and Miu Miu bags for young, fashion-conscious women. The innovative business women and designer Miuccia Prada – it’s her nickname, MiuMiu, the line was named after – enthuses the fashion world anew with creative designs and fancy details in every collection.
The provocative and edgy designs make Miu Miu shoes, clothes and accessories unique and are distinctive for the MiuMiu style. MiuMiu reflects the experimental, eccentric side of Miuccia Prada: the cuts are extravagant, the prints larger than Prada’s and the mix of materials even more daring. Her personal taste in fashion influenced by the hippie era leaves its mark on every design, reminding us of exclusive retro fashion. At the Prada outlet at Outletcity Metzingen you can discover a wide choice of MiuMiu articles – from Miu Miu bags to Miu Miu sunglasses you will find everything your heart desires.

Miu Miu: a trending brand with celebrity fans

The first collection of the Italian trend label was launched in 1998. In 2006, Miuccia Prada presented her creations at prêt-à-porter shows for the first time and has been very successful with this line ever since. Not only fashionistas all over the world love Miu Miu sunglasses & co: celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and Katie Holmes starred in MiuMiu advertising campaigns and have been spotted wearing the brand with the youthful spirit also in their private life. MiuMiu likes to work with young and unknown models to convey the unconventional charm of its collections and distinguishes itself from Prada as the more unconventional and less expensive label. The two brands belong together, however, MiuMiu is to be seen as an autonomous brand with its own identity.

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