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Boxenstop Car and Toy Museum, Tübingen

Founded in 1985 in Tübingen, the Boxenstop Car and Toy Museum is one of the oldest privately-owned motor museums in Germany. With over 70 cars, motorcycles and bicycles displayed over approximately 900 m², the museum offers everything to delight real motor fans. Visitors are guided through automotive history with exhibits ranging from pre-war vehicles such as the Bugatti 37, through sleekly stylish racing and sports cars from Ferrari and Porsche, amongst others, to big-name motorcycles from the likes of BMW and Ducati. Displays at the Boxenstop Car and Toy Museum also include toys which have (or have had) pride of place in any well-equipped playroom.

Boxenstop Auto- und Spielzeugmuseum

only 23 km from the OUTLETCITY

Brunnenstrasse 18
D-72074 Tübingen
T +49 (0) 07071 929094
E boxenstop@boxenstop-tuebingen.de