Destination for the whole family

Alb-Gold pasta visitor centre

How can you crack about 54,000 eggs per hour? Where does the hole in the Macaroni come from? How are made different shapes of pasta and for example the Schwabian Spaetzle? These questions will all be answered during a tour through the transparent production. The tour lasts about 60 minutes and takes you on a fascinating journey through the pasta factory.
After the visit of the production site, the restaurant is waiting for you to taste all the pasta specialties and the country store invites you to purchase many regional products. The huge herb garden with its fragrant plants and the wooden play ground gives you the opportunity to relax. Not only children will enjoy the large wooden play structure. Balancing, hanging or climbing, creativity has no limits.

Alb-Gold Teigwaren

only 38 km from the OUTLETCITY

Grindel 1
D-72818 Trochtelfingen
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