The first adventure park in Germany

Adventure park Tripsdrill

Over 100 original attractions are waiting for people of all age groups in Tripsdrill, the first adventure park in Germany, surrounded by green nature. Among others, the wooden roller coaster "Mammut" or the bath tub ride offer exciting driving pleasure. Calmer minds maybe prefer a joyride for sailors or take off with the May tree. 
Approximately 10 minutes by foot from the adventure park you will find the savage paradise Tripsdrill. 40 different animal species have their home here and are being fed every day (except on Fridays) at 2.30 pm, followed by the air display of the raptorial birds.
Cozy sheperd carts and comfortable tree houses in the nature resort Tripsdrill offer an extraordinary atmosphere - if you alyways wanted to spend a night in the open countryside, this is your place. 


Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

only 75 km from OUTLETCITY

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