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Mühlstraße 5 | D-72555 Metzingen
Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 8pm
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The PETIT BATEAU shop offers its customers products made with the finest cotton, which is sometimes also mixed with a natural fibre such as silk to create a fashionable look. The PETIT BATEAU sale range includes pyjamas and clothing for children and adults. In addition to children's underwear, you will find everything you need for a new arrival. The clothes are available in many colours and patterns, such as the stripes, dots and tiny flowers typical of PETIT BATEAU and much more. So that you can shop in peace with such a large selection, there is a charmingly designed corner for the children.

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Success with quality

PETIT BATEAU creates clothing for children and adults and thanks to its high quality and innovative products, has established itself on the market. The brand with the little boat epitomises a multigenerational life culture for everyone from 0 to 77 throughout the world. Recognition of PETIT BATEAU increased enormously with the invention of underpants in 1918, the American neckline inspired by GIs' T-shirts and the colourful horizontal stripe pattern.


PETIT BATEAU is one of the few French labels that has been able to position itself in the global market for children's fashion. This is due partly to the outstanding quality of the products. The strength, comfort, wash-resistance and stability of the colours of each product are tested before it is permitted to come into contact with children's skin. Nightwear and underwear have the strict Oeko Tex label which guarantees that the garment does not contain any carcinogenic or allergenic substances. PETIT BATEAU owes its popularity to its comfort as well as its quality. Much thought has gone into the design, every detail and accessory is designed to make putting on the clothes child's play. Flat seams, printed labels, invisible poppers and extremely delicate workmanship ensure that the garments are uniquely comfortable to wear.