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Sunday Shopping

Sunday Shopping

On Sunday, 10/07/22, everyone can also do some good during Sunday Shopping from 1 pm to 6 pm, accompanied by our summer program.


Great city, new BOSS

We celebrate 50 years of Boss Outlet Metzingen! You can expect hip looks, an inviting shopping atmosphere, four different promotions and many weekly changing specials and competitions.



Discover summer trends at sale prices and enjoy great deals in Metzingen and in our Online Shop.


Beach Vibes

Look forward to beach vibes & holiday flair in the Outletcity! Immerse yourself in our colorful summer experience world and enjoy sporty fun, live music acts and pure beach feeling!


Long Thursday

Every week you can look forward to extended opening hours until 9 pm and round off the evening with a visit to one of our restaurants.

Zweite Chance

Clothing collection campaign

Under the motto 2ND CHANCE we invite you to hand in your discarded clothing and do something good in the immediate vicinity.

What's in Store

Some of our most popular premium and luxury brands offer the option to shop virtually and comfortably in WhatsApp from your home.


Personalisation service

Give your favourite pieces a personal touch.


Marché Mövenpick Foodtruck on Hugo Boss Platz

Original and authentic: a summer kitchen pop-up on Hugo Boss Platz!

Add a great treat to your shopping break like some tasty loaded fries or a panini from the grill. Yummy vegetable options are also available, and to top it all off there's an ice-cold Hugo or Aperol.

  • Loaded fries with guacamole or BBQ chicken
  • Crispy panini filled with falafel, grilling cheese and vegetables
  • Cold drinks, iced tea and sodas
  • Aperol Spritz and Hugo in flip-top bottles
More Informationen about Marché Mövenpick

ZemZem Food truck at the Calvin Klein outlet store

The ideal spot for a short shopping break shines in yellow! An absolute eye-catcher with retro flair, the ZemZem food truck in Outletcity Metzingen doesn't only offer delicious coffee specialities, but surprises guests of all ages with refreshing cold drinks such as yummy smoothies and Cafe Freddo. The particular aroma is achieved with coffee beans from regional roasters. The view of freshly ground beans being pressed into the high-quality portafilter machine will make any true coffee lovers mouth water. And for all who want a little more: the creperie provides homemade bakery products for sweet and savoury moments of pleasure.

Naturally, all of the coffee variations are available as vegan and lactose-free upon request.

Location: Calvin Klein Store
The opening hours are the same as the normal operating hours of Outletcity.



A new star is born; at Outletcity, now is your chance to admire the SL from the R232 series, which premiered in 2021! The sportscar developed entirely by Mercedes-AMG beats the competition with its easily recognizable hallmarks like its lightweight construction, sophisticated drive systems and retractable roof. The legacy of the SL is sure to continue well into the future.

Since 1952, the 300 SL racing car has been setting milestones. No other sportscar series boasts such a long tradition.
Because the future needs history, visitors to the Mercedes-Benz museum will experience the fascinating interaction between innovation and history reinvented daily. Directly across from the original brand factory in Untertürkheim, fascinating views of over 135 years of innovative culture are displayed. More than 11 million visitors from the region and across the world have experienced the installation.

Experience a piece of automobile history alongside your visit to Outletcity Metzingen and let yourself be inspired by the star at the entrance to Schwenkel Areal.

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Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.


Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.


Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.

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