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ماهو الجديد في Outletcity Metzingen؟ أحصل على تفاصيل جديدة حول العلامات التجارية وأخر الأخبار المثيرة في مدينة الموضة!


Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.


Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.


Accompany us on a virtual tour through our areas.

Be a flowerista

The stage is yours for self-made flower arrangements

In cooperation with the flower experts from MARYLEA, we’re bringing spring to you! The naturally beautiful creations made with dried flowers and decorative grass in this workshop add a handmade beautifying touch to your home. Because they keep their beauty for a long time, these exclusive arrangements are a winning alternative to fresh flowers and an impressive eye-catcher on every table.

In just a few easy steps, you can have these floral highlights too! We’ll show you how to create dried flower bouquets, hoops and wreaths with attention to detail in our videos.

Forever spring! Be inspired to keep a piece of spring in your home for the colder days of the year!

Note: The flowers used in the examples are exclusively high-quality dried and Infinity flowers from MARYLEA.

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Welcome back!

We look forward to welcoming you back to shopping without an appointment and without submitting a test.


Sale up to -70%*

Discover summer trends at exclusive SALE prices and enjoy great offers at Outletcity Metzingen and the Online Shop.


Re-opening restaurants

Enjoy your relaxed shopping break in the indoor and outdoor areas of many of our restaurants. By the way: A new gastronomic highlight awaits you with us with the L'Osteria.

Mobile Check-in

Our responsibility for health and well-being: Our mobile check-in with smartphone on busy shopping days


Starbucks Metzingen Collector's Mug

The mug from the "You Are Here" collection shows a historic part of the city of Metzingen and a blue suit which represents the fashion outlet. Get the 18th German mug of the YAH collection at Starbucks for € 15.99. Club members will receive a 10 % discount!

A piece of history

In 1961 Mercedes-Benz presented the mid-sized 190 and 190 D models. Their bodies, with the tailfin styling, were distinguished by crumple zones, a sturdy passenger compartment, and a spacious interior. The tailfins, fin-like ridges to the left and right of the trunk, came into vogue in the USA in the 1950s and also rubbed off on European automobile design.

Experience a piece of automotive history when visiting Outletcity Metzingen at the entrance to Schwenkel Areal.

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