Wellensteyn: Tradition, Function and Fashion

Wellensteyn belongs to the market leading jacket producers in Germany. The company, which has its main office in Norderstedt near Hamburg, has a far reaching history. In the year of 1952, Wellenstyn has grounded its know-how for work clothing in the high-risk-area with the production of jackets for workers at marine research, cement distillery, metal bath, cold water protection or on the oil platform.
The name Wellensteyn has always been connected to the highest possible functionality, outstanding quality, and an ideal fitting.
In the year 2003 fashionable ingenuity has become a permanent feature of the meanwhile urban Lifestyle-Jacket.


The internationalization, of the company has already picked up speed, whether in the USA, Canada, Russia or Japan, the jackets are adjusted to the continents, regarding the prevailing fashion trends in the countries, and the corresponding lifestyles of the compatriots.
The Logo of the fashion brand Wellensteyn is said to deliver the good feeling of security and high class products. It also leads to a high recall value and to a personal identification of everyone who wears a jacket with the brand.
Crucial for the worldwide success of Wellensteyn is the longevity and quality of and more over the steadily consistent authenticity of the company.