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Tickets online

Tickets Online

Tickets for the Shopping Shuttle are convenient and easy to book online.


Schedule and routes

Schedule and routes

The Shopping Shuttle runs from Stuttgart to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and back every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Saturdays the bus departs from the Porsche Museum; on other days it runs from our Shopping Shuttle partners. A return journey costs €10 and a single ticket €7.50. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Shopping Shuttle Route

Additional journeys at the power shopping weekend

02.05.2014 After Work Shopping
22:15 from Metzingen

04. 05.2014 Sunday opening
11:05 from arcona MO Hotel
14:05 from arcona MO Hotel

15:15 from Metzingen
18:15 from Metzingen

Shopping Shuttle packages

Shopping Shuttle packages

Some hotels offer attractive shopping packages with frequent special offers; they normally include a Shopping Shuttle ticket from the hotel to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and back.

Shopping Shuttle Hotels